Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday: Authentic German Day

Let's talk about one of the best "F" words in the world... FOOD!

To be really sincere, out of all of the cuisines in the world, I am most ignorant of Germany's food. Sure I envisioned the stereotype that we Americans have in our heads of sausages, sauerkraut, and beer, but I knew there had to be much more than that! So I asked my dear friend Svea to take me somewhere very authentic yesterday, and she most certainly did! After a 20 minute drive through the small, curving streets in the most beautiful lush green region, we arrived in Hatting; a small village comprised of the cutest little wooden framed houses.

To make things even better, the village was filled with only German restaurants. We picked one with a terrace and the most ambiance, not to mention a mouth-watering smell of pork leg and a clear view of the FIFA cup on TV (Spain v. Portugal). After browsing through the menu and trying to resist ordering one of everything we ordered a plate of smoked fish with potato cakes to start...

Smoked salmon, some kind of shrimp salad, and smoked Matjes (a white fish with mild flavor and hair-like bones) all served with a side of creamy horseradish with the purpose of covering the potato cakes. These little cakes are like a sophisticated, and much more flavorful version of hasbrowns; needless to say, delicious.

For the second course Svea ordered the sausages, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes while I picked the pork "Zurich style" in a creamy, mushroom sauce with even more potato cakes!

Wait... we need a close-up of this yummy goodness...

My pork dish was, in simple terms, awesome. But I have to say, after trying everything on the table, the mashed potatoes are what sent me to heaven. Never had I tasted mashed potatoes like these in my life (sorry dad); so creamy, buttery, and perfectly salted with a kind of grainy texture (almost like grits) that melted in your mouth. Perfection.

Of course, as we usually do when we dine together, we ordered with our eyes and were extremely thankful for the up-hill walk to the car forcing our bodies to digest this rich food faster!

I hope I made your mouths water with jealousy! I'm off to have some bread and paté for breakfast!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Window Seat

I really do love flying, I do... but it is much more enjoyable when you are by the window. I would go as far as to say that my future partner must be an aisle person. I always book my window seat ahead of time, and this time I had a wonderful window seat at the front of the plane next to a young, handsome man. This lucky situation lasted a total of 3 minutes...

Soon the flight attendant came and asked if we would be willing to move to the center aisle. I looked at her as if I were in kindergarten and she had just taken my favorite play toy away from me giving her the pout and sad eyes, "oh, but I really like the window seat". With a pitiful look of defeat she turned, looked down, and mumbled something in German. I leaned over and caught a glimpse of a little girl with tears streaming down her face. Of course, immediately I
grabbed my things and got up saying " FOR HER?! oh of course! where should I move to?!"

...needless to say, I hope that little girl was beyond delighted because my neck and back can vouch for how awful the center seat of the middle aisle is. This is an example of a beautiful window seat view (flight to Madrid winter 2009)...
And this is the view from seat 6E...

You get the point :)

Anyway, I'm in Deutschland now and having a wonderful time. I've discovered the latest fashion trend here ...
Black, Red, and Yellow striped make-up!
But it's best to only wear it at football games (soccer football btw), especially ones with very happy Germans celebrating a 4-1 win during the World Cup!

Well, It's late here so I need to get to bed and try and rid myself of this jet lag!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fear inhibits Progress

One day I feel scared shitless, the next I'm Ms. Confident strutting around like I am 'The Shit'.

I just graduated with my B.F.A in Fashion Design. I refused to accept a job, or even attempt to look for one in NYC because quite frankly, I'm not crazy about living in that city. I knew I needed a drastic change, something unpredictable and life-changing. So I purchased a one-way ticket to Europe. Sure I've lived in Spain before and have been there almost every year of my life, but I haven't experienced the rest of Europe. Besides, I was only 13 and under my parents' wing when I lived in Spain, and every other time has been on family vacations. This time, I'm on my own. Just me, my backpack, and my dual-citizenship. The journey begins this Friday, June 25th 2010 from Florida to Germany; first to visit a friend and then... who knows.

Let's be honest, I have no clue what I'm doing. I don't know where I'll be in a year, or in 2 weeks for that matter. I might have to waitress until I land a steady job and take refuge at my aunt's place in Spain. The real hope is to land a decent internship with a fashion design house eventually leading me to getting hired. And the ULTIMATE dream is to work for a high-end designer in Paris, put my 6 years of french to use, and perhaps run my own design house one day. But at this point, I'm really open to any opportunity that comes my way.

I hope that in this adventure I can share with you my passion for good food, beautiful fashion, and (hopefully) frequent flying.