Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Window Seat

I really do love flying, I do... but it is much more enjoyable when you are by the window. I would go as far as to say that my future partner must be an aisle person. I always book my window seat ahead of time, and this time I had a wonderful window seat at the front of the plane next to a young, handsome man. This lucky situation lasted a total of 3 minutes...

Soon the flight attendant came and asked if we would be willing to move to the center aisle. I looked at her as if I were in kindergarten and she had just taken my favorite play toy away from me giving her the pout and sad eyes, "oh, but I really like the window seat". With a pitiful look of defeat she turned, looked down, and mumbled something in German. I leaned over and caught a glimpse of a little girl with tears streaming down her face. Of course, immediately I
grabbed my things and got up saying " FOR HER?! oh of course! where should I move to?!"

...needless to say, I hope that little girl was beyond delighted because my neck and back can vouch for how awful the center seat of the middle aisle is. This is an example of a beautiful window seat view (flight to Madrid winter 2009)...
And this is the view from seat 6E...

You get the point :)

Anyway, I'm in Deutschland now and having a wonderful time. I've discovered the latest fashion trend here ...
Black, Red, and Yellow striped make-up!
But it's best to only wear it at football games (soccer football btw), especially ones with very happy Germans celebrating a 4-1 win during the World Cup!

Well, It's late here so I need to get to bed and try and rid myself of this jet lag!



  1. Aw thats so nice of you to let the little girl take the window seat :) I am extremely jelous of you being in Germany celebrating with Svea! You guys look great! Keep posting blogs about your travels! It makes me happy to read them :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  2. my first blog comment! yay! haha. glad you're enjoying. miss you love!