Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dehydrated? Open a coconut!

Now that I will be between Valladolid and Madrid for a while, I have plenty of time to tell you about the styles and foods of Spain, so before I do so I feel the need to revisit my trip to London once again.

The United States really spoiled me on hot summer days with the full blast air conditioning in every building possible, so accustoming my body to the lack of air conditioning here is quite a task. Thankfully the 90% humidity of Florida does not exist here so surviving 40 degree celsius weather is a completely different animal. It is nonetheless 40 degree-scorching-hot-summer-weather and I can't help but remember the amazing green coconut I drank water out of on the streets of London.

Coping with the heat can be torture and sometimes a glass of cold water doesn't cut it anymore; fresh coconut water actually hydrates the body by replacing the fluids and minerals the body loses during physical activity. I do recognize that opening coconuts to access this magical water is anything but easy and convenient, so why not clone a few more of this guy to cut them open with a machete?

I think if this guy were on the corner of every street on hot summer days, no one would suffer from dehydration; walking around sipping out of a coconut looks way cooler than sipping out of a soda can anyway!

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