Thursday, July 15, 2010

European Burger Indulgence

Last time I was in Madrid I tasted some wonderful foods that have not left my memory, and being back here reminds me of a mental note I made myself in London.

For those of you who know me, this entry may be very unexpected; I was in fact a vegetarian for a year, or 'pescatarian' rather. However, lately I have made a confession to myself: I love a good, juicy burger! What I am getting at ladies and gentleman is that there are two places that are in fierce competition to win the "best burger" award. The names are (drum roll please) Fast Good of Madrid and Carnaby Burger Co. of London.

Fast Good was actually something I learned about from my dear Madrid Lonely Planet. The title of the place is actually a play on words; the concept is a 'fast food' joint that is actually healthy. This concept was transformed into reality by famous chef Ferran AdriĆ” (Ć  ) of Spain who is very much against the concept of fast food and how it is transforming people of our culture into obese $1-low-quality-burger eaters; even I am guilty of an occasional McDonnald's indulgence. Anyway, the menu at Fast Good ranges from pastas to paninis and from yogurts to burgers. The best part, it that the meat is organic and local while the fries are fried in olive oil.

As you can see I was so excited about this burger that I remembered to snap a shot only after I took a bite, sorry about that...

But I will go ahead and point out the inside is PINK! It is illegal in some States of the USA to serve undercooked burgers for the simple fact that there has been so many E-coli epidemics (can you say, "gross"?). The quality of this burger is unlike any burger meat I had tasted before.

The rival, Carnaby Burger Co, also serves ecological burgers but their menu offers a much wider selection of burgers. For some reason I usually find myself drawn to the 'Blue Cheese Burger'; perhaps to merge my love for cheese with an already sinful item. This was the most amazing blue cheese burger ever and luckily you don't have to see my bite marks this time...

What I did find odd, however, is that the burgers do not automatically come with fries which allowed me the opportunity to order these amazing fries with a guacamole and sweet thai chili fusion on them...

The fries take the award between the two places, but the burgers are tied. The atmosphere award goes to Carnaby Burger Co. since obviously has more of a restaurant feel whereas Fast Good clearly has a clean, modern interpretation of a fast food atmosphere.

Conclusion: If you are having severe cravings for burgers eat one for lunch at the Madrid based joint, and then fly to London for dinner to indulge in one of the many Carnaby burgers.


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