Thursday, July 1, 2010

Netherlands Thursday

Have you ever heard the sound of people speaking Dutch before? (I apologize ahead of time for offending Dutch speakers) Today was the first time I have; if you could sum it up in one sound just pretend you're hacking at the end of each english word and they'll probably understand you.

A couple of German natives and I took a trip to the Netherlands today and conveniently dropped off their friend at a small airport named Weeze on the boarder of Germany and Holland (here they refer to the whole of the Netherlands as Holland sometimes). Much to our surprise, there was an exclusive and "exciting" show, if you will, at the airport today. Ladies and Gentlemen, the award for worst dressed today goes to the very tan brunette with apparently no nerve endings in her butt-cheeks...

Please excuse the extra scrolling, but I find it necessary to view this image full-size. Oh! and may I add she was traveling with what looked like her mother! I think everyone in the airport snapped a picture of this spectacle. It doesn't take a fashion major to realize this is NOT the latest trend...

In fact, now is a wonderful time to talk about the greatest trend this fall that I support full heartedly echoed by the pages of vogue as quoted in this article:

Feminine, classic, and sophisticated styles will always live! You can never go wrong sticking to classic pieces such as white shirts, black trousers, blazers, and the little black dress for starters. This woman on the streets of Holland embodied the embrace of this philosophy with a modern twist:

The most popular trend in this particular city was a variation on, what I like to call, Aladdin pants; low-crotch pants. This woman here combined these trendy pants with a classic, clean, and crisp white button-up shirt with a simple sandal and burberry handbag. The overall look conveys a confident, modern spirit and healed my eyes from the tragedy I saw at the airport.
Coincidentally the day before I had my personal twist on this look after snagging a pair of these Aladdin pants from my friend Svea's closet...

I must say, they're oddly comfortable and I owe many thanks to Svea for being the first I know to grab hold of this trend while keeping it classy!

I'll go ahead and reiterate that I'm absolutely delighted to see the 50's silhouette coming back! Wearing these A-line, voluminous dresses are the most comfortable thing in the world for me and help hide the couple of pounds I gained from consuming the rich German food. Here is my new favorite dress and you might as well enjoy the picturesque background of the Netherlands...

Well, that's enough fashion talk for now. Can't wait to share more with you. A special hello to all my NASA readers!

Dank u wel! (thank you very much in Dutch)

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