Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trends under Tent

Day one of Berlin Fashion Week! My first fashion week ever...

Svea in front of the tent who has everything to do with making this trip happen. Thank you.

While I may not have been able to sneak into the .DIMITIRI show, I did manage to squeeze my way into the press lobby where all the fashionistas mingle and drink champagne handed out by sponsoring companies. The best part about this was witnessing loads of young people pull out the best from their closets to showcase their personal style without fear of criticism. However, not just young people were in the spotlight, the more mature audience also ranged from sophisticated, preppy looks to outrageously scandalous outfits. No worries, I snapped a few candid shots for you.

In my eyes, on of the best dressed was this chic woman braving a leopard print blouse:

And this woman took leopard print to a whole new level; sheer, bright colored harem pants with absolutely nothing (or what looked like nothing) underneath... what is your opinion on this sheer trend?

Lately I am obsessed (or maybe I have always been obsessed) with hats; headpieces in general for that matter. It puts a smile on my face when I see others share this appreciation and as you'll see everyone has a very different interpretation.

And finally here is a sneak peak of the interior... We'll discuss the actual shows later, but for now I'm off to prepare myself for some serious soccer festivities.


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