Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dining Heaven

I'm back! I apologize to my fellow readers for my absence but I was on a bit of a hiatus. August in Spain can be quite boring as everyone leaves to go on vacation so I myself escaped to Germany for a bit (what a fantastic country) and now I am back in Valladolid.

As if I had not already ate like a queen in Germany thanks to my dear friends introducing me to delicious restaurants (I will get to that later), the very next day after arriving in Spain a family friend took us out for lunch. Lunchtime in Spain is equivalent to dinner time in the United States and other countries. Almost every local store shuts down at 14:00 h for lunch break and doesn't open again until 17:00 h! The tradition is to have the strongest meal of the day at that time with family and, well... usually end up taking a nap afterwards.

Newsweek recently voted Spain the best country for dining and I can understand why. We chose a restaurant named Fortuna 25 in the heart of the city. Most restaurants are very similar in look and offer mostly mediterranean dishes. Usually there is a fixed price for a three course lunch with plenty options to choose from. For the "entrante" or first plate, I chose "chipirones a la plancha con alioli" or grilled squid with olive oil mayonnaise. This dish is very traditional and I had tried it several times before, but this was by far the best. Tender, perfectly salted, and so delicious it was all in my stomach before I blinked twice.

I had decided on the second course the minute I picked up the menu, because as usual I magnetized automatically to the duck options. Duck confit in a grape sauce? YES, please! When will be the day that I get tired of the tender, delicious, and gamey taste of this beautiful bird? The answer is, never! To be honest I couldn't taste the grape in the "grape sauce" all that much and it almost reminded me a bit of stew, but it was nonetheless amazing.

Almost everything on the table was absolutely mouth-watering but I was introduced to one thing I had never tried before... The tail of a bull. To some it sounds repulsive, but it was actually awesome; very gamey, strong flavor and super tender.

Finally, for dessert I tried to pick the least sweet thing on the menu. Although once in a blue moon I go crazy for certain desserts, I find that lately I am drawn much more to salty dishes. The "peras al vino" or pears soaked in wine sauce were the perfect choice! Definitely sweet, but with a dash of sour flavor.

I have officially made myself hungry revisiting this experience, so I'm off for now!

¡Hasta la próxima!

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