Friday, September 24, 2010

Love/Hate Heel-ationship

My feet always cry the first day of fall. Why? Why must we give up the every day sandals to be stuffed, squeezed, and forced into those viciously gorgeous things you like to hide us with?

Well, those viciously gorgeous things are the weakness for most women! High-heels! Boots! Stilettos! I always get so excited when the weather comes around to slip all of these beautiful things back on, but my god!! I always forget how painful it is to get back into them after the skin on my feet has been practically regenerated back to baby-skin quality thanks to the freedom sandals provide! Regardless, I will not give up my love for high-heels. Let's talk about some simple favorites of mine that I want in my closet... pronto.

I have a huge crush on these YSL babies. I always find myself buying black shoes over and over again; flats, heels, boots, heels again.. you can never go wrong!

I'm well aware that some of you think these pumps look like stripper heels, but clearly you need to be wise with what you pair these with. Wear a super short, tight dress and DUH! you'll look like a stripper. Keep it classy.

These Isabel Marant beauties are everywhere in magazine spreads and they make my heart melt every time I see them...

And finally, I don't care how crazy these look (not all that crazy compared to Prada's hideous platforms on the Spring 2011 runway), I simply adore Christian Louboutin for creating these...

Okay, now please excuse me while I run off to go cover my battle wounds with band-aids! (An irony in itself isn't it?...Not attractive at all)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreaming of long hair

In case you don't know me, my hair is currently bob length. Although I'm not a huge fan of Rodarte (although I absolutely respect the innovative ideas behind their collections), I'm most def. in love with the hairdos in the latest collection:

Ummm... yeah. Can I please have long hair again so I can sweep my hair to the side with an awesome little hairpiece!?! I suppose we all want what we can't have, because god knows I refuse to spend $ x,xxx on good extensions!

(Thank you for the image)

Proud ex-intern of Ruffian

Reviewing the first day of New York Fashion Week's collections had me a bit nostalgic. A couple of years ago I spent the summer in NYC interning for the designers of Ruffian and so I am quite familiar with past collections they have done, and I must say... this new collection is my absolute favorite.

First off, who doesn't want to wear their opening look? Sleek, sophisticated, creating a lean, long look. I love the oversized military buttons and the beautiful blue belt accentuating the waist.

How about these lovely evening looks (that I would personally wear evening or day)... the silky dress (or blouse and skirt) makes me want to put it on right now! Not only is it elegant looking, it looks like it feels like water on the skin!

And the skirt in this look is perfectly awkward. In a way it looks like it should close all of the way but it's just enough peek-a-boo for the sexy touch without showing too much (I love the surprise underneath, pretty lining!) The color of the blouse, repeated throughout the whole collection, is just beautiful.

Cheers Ruffian! Really wonderful collection!

(Thank you NYmag for the images)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Super feminine silhouettes + red = bombshell

Extending from yesterdays post talking about how excited I am for these super feminine silhouettes that fall is blessing us with, I came across this editorial. Red can look good on everyone if worn right, but we can't deny it takes a brave woman to do so! If this doesn't inspire you to embrace the red trend... I don't know what will.

Ah... so beautiful!

Thank you Stockholm Street Style

Lanvin for H&M

The link speaks for itself. H&M is taking over the world with it's genius ideas people!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September is the January in Fashion

The 1st of September! Rather than starting off the month with the sunny days I've been used to lately, this morning it was raining; the perfect weather to put me in the mood for fall! If you have seen The September Issue (a documentary about Anna Wintour and her team at Vogue magazine preparing the most important issue of the year) you may remember a certain woman quoting "September is like the January in fashion" and she is so right. It is time to renew that wardrobe and fill it with new, wonderful and beautiful things!

When you begin witnessing every version possible of a trend trickling down from high-end designer lines to affordable, multi-national chains dressing everyone in similar looks for better, or for worse you know that trend is coming to an end. This is why I love trends! Right as your getting tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, something semi-new and reinvented comes along to refresh your closet... and your eyes.

While some of you may embrace the risqué rocker look with shorts so short the pockets hang out, I quite frankly am a bit tired of it. The main reason being... I just don't quite pull off this look as well as perhaps this chick here:

Let's face it, she's a total hottie (thank you Stockholm Street Style). However, these classy ladies in the following images are the embodiment of the kind of style I want to have this fall and they represent everything I love about being a woman; call me old-fashioned but I just can't help myself.

Here comes the best one, I want everything she is wearing... or better yet... can I just be her?

Oh, I just can't wait! To start off my shopping list for this fall, I'll include (other than an amazing coat, always my weakness) ...

1.) An updated version of the 50's silhouette dress above
2.) The perfect pump
3.) An awesome cape like the wonderful YSL one above

And I'm sure this list will grow...

In honor of the January of fashion, my blog will be primarily dedicated to fashion talk this month!