Friday, September 24, 2010

Love/Hate Heel-ationship

My feet always cry the first day of fall. Why? Why must we give up the every day sandals to be stuffed, squeezed, and forced into those viciously gorgeous things you like to hide us with?

Well, those viciously gorgeous things are the weakness for most women! High-heels! Boots! Stilettos! I always get so excited when the weather comes around to slip all of these beautiful things back on, but my god!! I always forget how painful it is to get back into them after the skin on my feet has been practically regenerated back to baby-skin quality thanks to the freedom sandals provide! Regardless, I will not give up my love for high-heels. Let's talk about some simple favorites of mine that I want in my closet... pronto.

I have a huge crush on these YSL babies. I always find myself buying black shoes over and over again; flats, heels, boots, heels again.. you can never go wrong!

I'm well aware that some of you think these pumps look like stripper heels, but clearly you need to be wise with what you pair these with. Wear a super short, tight dress and DUH! you'll look like a stripper. Keep it classy.

These Isabel Marant beauties are everywhere in magazine spreads and they make my heart melt every time I see them...

And finally, I don't care how crazy these look (not all that crazy compared to Prada's hideous platforms on the Spring 2011 runway), I simply adore Christian Louboutin for creating these...

Okay, now please excuse me while I run off to go cover my battle wounds with band-aids! (An irony in itself isn't it?...Not attractive at all)

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  1. Those red bow tie pumps are fabulous!!! I would suffer sore feet for a pair!